School board elections 2014: Alamo Heights ISD

May 10 school board election in Alamo Heights ISD | San Antonio Charter MomsTwo seats on the Alamo Heights ISD Board of Trustees are on the May 1o ballot; both races are uncontested.

Lynn S. Thompson is running unopposed for reelection to Place 3.

Margaret Judson is running unopposed for election to Place 4, to replace retiring Trustee Mike Morell.

The remaining board members:

  • Place 1: Joseph Dubrof (through May 2016)
  • Place 2: John Tippit (through May 2016)
  • Place 5: Bonnie Giddens (through May 2015)
  • Place 6: Lott McIlhenny (through May 2015)
  • Place 7: Melissa Vaughan (through May 2015)

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