Parents, you can send your kids to charter schools and still be a good person

Parents, you can send your kids to charter schools and still be a good person. The same goes for parents who homeschool or send their kids to private schools. The responsible thing to do is to find the situation that… Continue Reading

[Updated] About San Antonio Charter Moms

This morning, I updated my About page. I’ve copied it here to snapshot it, because I’m sure I’ll be updating it again soon.  San Antonio moms, dads, and kids need more good education choices. This blog is meant to help… Continue Reading

CLOSED [Giveaway] Family tickets to Halloween Spooktacular with the San Antonio Symphony

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. “My mom wanted me to have the ability to find something beautiful.” —Akiko Fujimoto, Associate Conductor, San Antonio Symphony Remember my earlier post about my birthday date night at the San Antonio Symphony? I also… Continue Reading

78209 Magazine profile: Caroline Decherd, a BASIS San Antonio mom

The other day I was flipping through a glossy magazine that came in the mail, and—surprise!—found a references to BASIS San Antonio: The Decherds have four daughters: Cally, 16, a junior this fall at AHHS, who is active in Destination Imagination… Continue Reading

Results for the May 11 school board elections in Bexar County

The votes are in—here are the results for the May 11 school board races in Bexar County: Alamo Heights ISD Place 1: Joseph Dubrof Place 2: John Tippit  Harlandale ISD Place 1: Juan Mancha over Joshua J. Cerna Place 3: Erma V. Casarez over Esequiel… Continue Reading

School board election results 2013: Alamo Heights ISD

Both races were uncontested for the Alamo Heights ISD Board of Trustees election on May 11. Here is the new board: Place 1: Joseph Dubrof (through May 2016) Place 2: John Tippit (through May 2016) Place 3: Lynn S. Thompson (through May… Continue Reading

Early voting totals for the May 11 school board elections in Bexar County

Early voting totals for contested school board races in Bexar County: Harlandale ISD Place 1: Juan Mancha (166) has a small lead over Joshua J. Cerna (142) Place 3: Erma V. Casarez (236) is leading over Esequiel “Zeke” Mendoza (52) and  Susie Estrada… Continue Reading

Early voting underway for school board elections

Early voting started this week for the May 11 election, which includes school board elections for seven local school districts. For more information about how to vote, see Bexar County Elections or the early voting guide at the San Antonio Express-News. Alamo… Continue Reading

Coverage of the May 11 school board elections in Bexar County

Seven school districts in Bexar County are electing new board members on May 11. (Early voting runs from April 29 through May 7; more information at Bexar County Elections.) Learn more about the races: Alamo Heights ISD Harlandale ISD Judson… Continue Reading