Call and write your representatives to support SB2 charter school bill at Thursday vote

As I mentioned earlier, the Texas House of Representatives is expected to vote on SB2, the charter school bill, this week, but it’s been pushed back to Thursday. Although it’s gone through a lot changes since its introduction, the bill… Continue Reading

Call Rep. Lyle Larson on May 13-14 to support SB2 charter school bill

The Texas House of Representatives is expected to vote on SB2, the charter school bill, this week—probably Wednesday. (Here’s an earlier post about SB2 making it out of the House Committee on Public Education.) This bill is important because, among… Continue Reading

Hispanic voices for education reform measures, including parent trigger and an Achievement School District

A child’s future should not be hindered or dictated by economic status, place of residence or personal aspiration that does not conform with a one-size-fits-all curriculum and poor performing schools that never seem to change. Every parent and student should… Continue Reading

TV ad from Texans Deserve Great Schools explains need for raising charter cap

My other post this morning is about committee votes and other details as SB2, the charter school bill, moves through the legislative process. Bottom line, though, for Charter Moms and Charter Dads is raising the cap on the number of charter… Continue Reading

Charter school bill, SB2, goes from Texas Senate to Texas House

There’s less than a month left in the current legislative session, and it’s time to check in on SB2, a bill that would make big changes to charter school laws in Texas, including raising the charter cap. This post is about the… Continue Reading

Ramiro Mojarro calls on Hispanic community to support HB 2976 parent trigger bill

This is Ramiro Mojarro. He’s the president of the Clubs de Zacatecas de San Antonio and an education reform advocate. He wrote a recent op-ed in La Prensa that I proudly co-signed. “The Need for Parent Trigger: 6 Years of Failing Schools… Continue Reading

House Public Education Committee hearing on April 30 to consider HB 2976 parent trigger bill

There is still time to call Reps. Mike Villarreal and Justin Rodriguez to express your support for HB 2976, the parent trigger bill. Here’s my earlier post with tips on how to call, including phone numbers and a script. And, even better, Colleen Pence at San… Continue Reading

Call Reps Villarreal and Rodriguez this week to support HB 2976 parent trigger bill

Have you heard about HB 2976, the parent trigger bill? Or maybe you saw the movie “Won’t Back Down”—here’s my review. There are way too many failing schools in Texas. Under the current law, if a school is failing, the… Continue Reading

NYT on SB2: Sen. Dan Patrick’s education reform bill

Senate Bill 2, the centerpiece of Mr. Patrick’s plans for the session, is the most ambitious attempt to expand the state’s charter school system since it was established in 1995. . . . Mr. Patrick’s proposal would eliminate a law… Continue Reading

School choice town hall Thursday, February 28 at UTSA downtown campus

Do you have strong feeling about school choice? Consider attending Thursday’s town hall meeting. “UTSA and S.A. Express-News to host series of town hall discussions”, Tim Brownlee, UTSA Today news release, February 25, 2013. The town hall meeting about school choice… Continue Reading