Debate: What if every Texas school got a letter grade rating, A through F?

Parents, would you find it helpful if every school in Texas got a letter grade, A-F? Do letter grade ratings give parents a useful yardstick for quality? Or, do they oversimplify and obscure the differences among schools? Please leave a… Continue Reading

Carpe Diem Schools national expansion: coming soon to San Antonio, Texas?

I am following several Generation 18 charter applications at the Texas Education Agency this year, including Rocketship (earlier post), Montessori For All (earlier post), and Carpe Diem Schools (earlier post). Researching Carpe Diem, I came across an enthusiastic blog post from 2010, when education… Continue Reading

Carpe Diem Schools wants to bring blended learning to San Antonio

Carpe Diem Learning Systems, nationally known for its blended learning model, is applying for a Texas charter this year and is looking at San Antonio for Fall 2014. Maybe you’ve read about Carpe Diem’s success in Yuma, Arizona. “Education Nation:… Continue Reading