School board elections 2014: Southwest ISD

Three candidates are on the May 10 ballot for two at-large seats on the Southwest ISD Board of Trustees. Mike C. Frazier and Yolanda Garza-Lopez are running for reelection. Newcomer Johnathon Cruz is also running. The two candidates who get the most… Continue Reading

School board elections 2014: Alamo Heights ISD

Two seats on the Alamo Heights ISD Board of Trustees are on the May 1o ballot; both races are uncontested. Lynn S. Thompson is running unopposed for reelection to Place 3. Margaret Judson is running unopposed for election to Place 4, to replace retiring… Continue Reading

School board elections 2014: North East ISD

Three seats on the North East ISD Board of Trustees are on the May 10 ballot; one race is contested. District 3: Sandi Wolff is running unopposed; President Susan Galindo withdrew from the race. District 7: Brigitte Perkins is running unopposed. District… Continue Reading

Diplomás Project: raising Latino college completion rates

The San Antonio Education Partnership recently announced the launch of the Diplomás Project, with the goal of raising college completion rates among Latinos by 9 percent by mid-2015. “Latino Student Success Effort in San Antonio – The Key to our… Continue Reading

SA Ready: materials for STAAR prep and college-and-career readiness

SA Ready is open for business. According to the website: SA Ready is a free platform that gives teachers access to high quality lesson plans and teaching resources. Developed in partnership between Generation TX San Antonio and Educational Policy Improvement Center… Continue Reading