Achievement School District SB1718 fails on point of order

As explained in this earlier post, SB1718 would have established a statewide Achievement School District to oversee the most troubled schools in Texas. Unfortunately, the bill failed in the House on a point of order filed by Rep. Armando Walle (D-Houston). (Sen. Royce… Continue Reading

How parents in Washington DC navigate school choice: Charter School Expo, mobile app, and more

Last Saturday, the District of Columbia Public Charter School Board held the DC Charter School Expo. For many moms and dads staring down aisle upon aisle of booths — each representing a different school with a different curriculum, a different teaching… Continue Reading

Empower families with knowledge to choose the right school


Parents are highly motivated to find the right schools for their kids, but they need help to find reliable, useful information. The Houston Chronicle proclaims with pride that Houston is a leading city for school choice. But: The problem? Facing all… Continue Reading