Intrepid reporter at Texas Observer interviews Marisa Perez

An education reporter at the Texas Observer shares his story of trying to track down Marisa Perez, the surprise winner of the Democratic primary for the State Board of Education’s district 3. “Finding Marisa Perez: In Search of Texas’ Most Elusive Primary Winner”, Patrick Michels, Texas Observer, June 18, 2012.

What has Michels learned so far? “[S]he’s not too interested in talking about specifics—either about her out-of-nowhere primary win, or about the work she’ll face on the SBOE.”

Michels followed up on Perez’s statement at a candidates forum about “public-private partnerships.” Her response:

It’s very important for me to get the business community involved in education as well, and there’s so many ideas that we can work together with. If we can establish a mentorship program, I can work in collaboration with school districts and superintendents and serve as that bridge of communication, and hope that we can establish sponsorships and other initiatives.

I’m not sure what that means. But I am impressed my Michels’s diligence in getting that much information.

Credit: Thank you to Matt Prewett for helping me find to this article.

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