Express-News editors: Perez’s lobbying job is a “bad idea”

As mentioned earlier, Marisa Perez, district 3 candidate for the State Board of Education, recently accepted a job in governmental relations for San Antonio ISD.  The editors of the San Antonio Express news say this is a “bad idea.” “Latest hire raises issues of conflict”, San Antonio Express-News, September 2, 2012. Technically, there is no legal prohibition on a public employee serving on the SBOE. But, the editorial continues:

Even if that legal interpretation is correct, it is unseemly at best for a school district’s government relations officer to be a member of a government board that sets education policy impacting the district.

If Perez’s new job were in a classroom or in an accounting and did not require work as a governmental liaison, things might be viewed differently.

The move illustrates a lack of judgment by a school district already suffering with major public trust issues.

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