Information about potential GED changes from Marisa B. Perez, SBOE Dist. 3

Marisa B. Perez, who represents District 3 (San Antonio & South Texas) on the Texas State Board of Education, recently shared a newsletter with information about potential changes to the high school equivalency program—the GED. The Committee on Instruction is meeting to consider these changes. Here is Perez’s description:

Some of the proposed changes to the GED will take the state from a paper based program to a computer based program, standardize the test fees ($120) and increase the rigor of the test by moving towards measures intended to better prepare students for college and career readiness.  I am committed to strengthening community via education but want to ensure that we do so in a responsible and prudent manner.  My chief concerns are the increase in the fees and cut-off of current incomplete test takers in 2014 which would require they start over.  I will be working diligently during committee and general session to ensure that we have the best transition possible.  I am planning a “2013 GED Completion” blitz and hope to count on your partnership in order to ensure that our communities be fully aware of the changes.

Perez invites feedback from constituents about the proposed GED changes. Here is her website and her Facebook page; you may also subscribe to her newsletter.

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