Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design moves into Alameda Theater complex

Henry Ford Academy Alameda School for Art + Design moves to Alameda Theater complex | San Antonio Charter MomsThe Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design has reached its goal of moving into the Alameda Theater complex. “Charter school moves into iconic downtown building”, Maria Luisa Cesar, San Antonio Express-News, October 8, 2013 (subscribers only); “Alameda School makes its new home at the former Museo Alameda”, Maria Luisa Cesar, San Antonio Express-News, October 7, 2013.

The Alameda Theater and adjacent Casa de Mexico are architectural gems (see photos of the Alameda Theater and Casa de Mexico at Hill Country Deco) and touchstones for Latino cultural history—follow “Revive Alameda” on Facebook and Twitter for flashbacks to Spanish-language films and shows performed at the Alameda in its heyday.

The Alameda School has a ten-year lease, for $1 per year, for several floors of the Casa de Mexico, located at 318 W. Houston St., San Antonio, Texas 78205 (map). The Alameda Theater is in the process of a major renovation. “Alameda Theater showing signs of progress”, Benjamin Olivo, San Antonio Express-News, August 28, 2013. Locating the arts charter school at the Alameda brings the students into closer contact with other arts institutions downtown; for a list, see the Downtown San Antonio Alliance.

Here is an earlier post about HFA:ASAD’s leadership transition.

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