[Alamo City Moms Blog] Briscoe Western Art Museum and Alien Worlds and Androids at the Witte Museum

This month, I have two new posts at Alamo City Moms Blog: reviews of the Briscoe Western Art Museum and the new Alien Worlds and Androids exhibit at the Witte Museum.

“The Briscoe Western Art Museum: Continuing the Rodeo Spirit”, Inga Cotton, Alamo City Moms Blog, February 19, 2014.

Briscoe Western Art Museum | San Antonio Charter Moms

“Alien Worlds and Androids: Take a Journey of Science and Creativity at the Witte Museum”, Inga Cotton, Alamo City Moms Blog, February 25, 2014.

Witte Museum exhibit Alien Worlds and Androids | San Antonio Charter Moms

Iron Man, C3PO, and Gort are all part of the exhibit; the four-wheeled robot (Screaming Chickens) and the other Star Wars characters (501st Legion) were special visitors for the members’ opening weekend festivities.

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