Scheduling Revisited

Charter Moms Chats: Inga Cotton, Founder and Executive Director of San Antonio Charter Moms, shares her thoughts and answers your questions.

On Saturday, Inga wrote down an hour-by-hour schedule of the week ahead. Since then, she has revised it countless times. They are trying to settle into a routine, but things don’t always work out how they expect.

Her kids are different ages (10 years/4th grade and 12 years/7th grade) so they have different workloads. Her son is used to going to a relative’s house every day for tutoring (and snacks) but he is making do with a Google drive folder and video chats instead.

She went on a tangent about how much time they are spending on food: tracking down supplies—shopping for essentials when the stores open, scheduling deliveries and pickups—then cooking, eating (the fun part), and washing dishes. Bottom line, they are grateful for their food, and she encourages SACM readers to support the San Antonio Food Bank.

By late afternoon, Inga and her family are usually way off schedule, but they try to check off a few more things: outside play, reading log, video chats with friends.

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