Charter Moms Chats: Inga Cotton, Founder and Executive Director of San Antonio Charter Moms, shares her thoughts and answers your questions.

Inga is honored that she got to share about this group at The 74, a national publication with news and stories about education.

In this chat, she wanted to highlight that article and what the online community means to her. As families got more concerned about COVID-19, the group pivoted to address school closures and finding solutions for distance learning, meals, and indoor PE.

Some quotes from the article:

“Once the pandemic subsides, what will education look like? We are experiencing life unscheduled.”

“Will we go back to the old way, or will we dream bigger about what school could be like?”

“Education should be a space where we hold up our dreams and try to be the kind of people we want our children to become. I believe more strongly than ever in the power of education to change our society, and I feel honored to be leading a group that can adapt and fill a need during a crisis.”

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