Charter Moms Chats: Inga Cotton, Founder and Executive Director of San Antonio Charter Moms, shares her thoughts and answers your questions.

Inga is closing out the week on an optimistic note. Her kids are going to start having Zoom calls with their classes next week, and then will log in to Google Classroom soon after that. She is nervous but excited about that. A district leader will go on Facebook Live today to help families learn what to expect.

Her family is finding ways to make life special. They roasted a turkey one night, and then had soup the next. They are looking for new movies to download, like “Call of the Wild” or—next week—”Trolls 2.” Inga and her kids are going to read a book together, chapter by chapter; let’s see how that goes. What are you enjoying—movies, books, games?

Sometimes she feel guilty for not doing more. There are some amazing online videos and activities out there, and it can feel almost overwhelming. They are trying to build good habits and add in more activities gradually. If they get off track, she tries to remember that each day is a fresh start.

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