How will schools grade students’ work during distance learning? This topic came up in the San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group and we wanted to explore it further.

Students are working from home under different conditions. Some children have access to computers and the internet, and have parents who can supervise their work closely. Other students don’t have devices, or their parents are essential workers who are still reporting to their jobs. Local news reports show that some families are still not in contact with their children’s schools. With all this variation, some districts are changing their grading policies to pass/fail or complete/incomplete.

If students know they are not going to get a letter grade, how will that affect their effort and motivation? For students who are getting ready to apply for college, how will this impact their GPAs? (AP exams are on, but IB, SAT, and ACT are on hold.) Maybe we need to bring some mental health and college advising experts online for future chats. Who should we talk to?

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