Digital Divide with Cristina Noriega

Cristina Noriega joined Inga Cotton as a guest on Charter Moms Chats to talk about the digital divide, how it impacts students who are trying to do distance learning, and what our community—particularly San Antonio ISD and the SAISD Foundation—is doing about it.

The digital divide—the gap between families who have devices and internet access at home, and those who don’t—has been a problem in San Antonio for years. SAISD has been using bond money to buy and send home devices for students. When district staff realized that COVID-19 would close campuses, they sped up their purchases of devices; recently, SAISD has distributed 30,000 devices to students.

Unfortunately, some of these families still don’t have internet access at home. The SAISD Foundation is raising funds to buy wifi hotspots for those families. You can help by donating to the Connect Campaign at and sharing the link to encourage your friends to donate, too.

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