Charter Moms Chats — Typing

The main idea of this chat is offering resources to help your kids learn touch typing, but Inga also shared some updates about quarantine life. It’s humbling to still be figuring out how to use the school’s distance learning tools, but her family is doing their best. Meanwhile, Texas Parks and Wildlife is reopening state parks, but the City of San Antonio has ordered people to start wearing masks when we go outside. (Search the San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group for more information on these topics.)

For years, Inga has wanted her kids to get good at touch typing—using a keyboard fast without looking at the keys. They have been hunt-and-pecking, but it’s slow. Before social distancing, they had been learning keyboarding at Code Ninjas, but that is paused while their coding classes have moved online. Also, for a skill like typing, it helps to practice more than once or twice a week.

They looked at different typing website and software options—look for a list here in the group. To make sure her kids practice often, they are adapting their chore chart, with a goal of practicing five times a week for 20 minutes at a time. They have a keyboard cover so they don’t peek at the letters and numbers. (You can also use stickers or put a box over the keys.) Let’s see how this goes!

Are your kids practicing typing? Or are they building other hands-on skills while learning at home?

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