Homeschooling in the Fall

If schools reopen in August, what will they be like? Will students still be practicing social distancing? What if our community needs to flatten the curve again? With so much uncertainty, families are considering homeschooling their children in the fall.

As Inga wrote for Project Forever Free, “Trust Me, Homeschooling and Quarantine Schooling Are Not the Same Thing,” homeschoolers are used to having lots of activities outside the home. For families homeschooling this fall, there may still be limits on what we can do. What if we can do small groups and co-ops, but no concerts or festivals?

Distance learning has the advantage of curriculum, materials, and support from your children’s teachers at school. But homeschool has the advantage of letting you plan your days and tailor the program to your children. Also, you can chose different sources for various subjects, and get help where you need it, like a private online course in advanced math. You may choose to keep some of your kids enrolled in school homeschooling others.

You can wait until Fall to start homeschooling, or you can start now. If you need to withdraw your kids from school, like Inga did when her son was in kindergarten, you can find a useful form letter on the website for the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Texas is a homeschool-friendly state, but remember to keep records of your homeschool activities.

Are you thinking about choosing homeschooling in the Fall?

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