Summer without Camps

This week, we are looking into the future of what family life and education may be like in the age of the novel coronavirus. Yesterday, we talked about what it might look like to go back to school this fall with social distancing. Today, we are pondering when summer activities like summer camps will be available again.

We have some threads going in the San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group… the governor’s announcement about what businesses can reopen in Phase 1, and tracking which local businesses—restaurants, movie theaters, libraries, etc.—are actually reopening, and under what conditions.

Will summer camps open this summer? Some organizations have already cancelled their camps, but others are taking a wait-and-see approach. It may depend on the conditions in each community: How many new COVID-19 cases there are, what the conditions are like at hospitals, etc.

Even if organizations are allowed to offer camps, will parents sign their kids up? Families are still making up their minds about what activities feel safe, and when it makes sense to wait.

Inga’s family is making plans for the summer on the assumption that camps will be closed and that we will not be traveling. Instead, they are going to do homeschooling on a lighter, summer schedule. The blog is going to be a resource for safe summer experiences for families.

As we have an ongoing discussion in our group about getting back to business, we are reinforcing the principle of “I’ll do me, you do you.” If you choose to stay home, that’s OK. If you choose to go out, that’s up to you, just please follow the rules and be careful so we can continue to enjoy greater access.

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