Strength-Based Education

Teressa Lowrance is our guest on Charter Moms Chats, sharing what she is learning about strength-based education and how it can support the needs of all learners, especially 2e—the quirky geniuses.

Back in February, Inga Cotton was a guest on Teressa’s podcast for a discussion about special education, giftedness, and students’ emotional needs:

Teressa is in a graduate program working with Dr. Susan Baum at Bridges Academy to explore cognitive neurodiversity in educational settings. That quest is the launching point for Teressa and Inga to discuss how to observe and identify your child’s strengths.

At school, the students who seem to have deficits—ADHD, autism, etc.—may also have great strengths that can be cultivated to help them build confidence and reach their full potential. Teressa gave examples of activities and dialogues to help families support their children’s strengths.

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