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In partnership with #LearnEverywhere, we are spreading the message that parents can help their children learn at home.

Inga wrote a post that will publish today, “Learn Everywhere: Helping Parents Support Their Children’s Education at Home.”

Since early March, when schools and everything closed, Inga’s kids have been learning from home. They are working on distance learning packets from school, but those will end in a few weeks, and she feels that at all times the responsibility for guiding her children’s education rests with her, their mother.

Inga talks about two strategies for using in-home learning resources. The first strategy is searching: finding out what’s available. The #LearnEverywhere website is great for that because it has lots of links, and they are organized by categories and filters: https://learneverywhere.org/ Tell us about what you find and try!

The other strategy is evaluating: focusing on what works for your family. The public Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/kidsl… is helpful for that because it’s an online community of parents who can share their experiences. Ask a question to crowdsource thoughtful, supportive information based on real life experience. It’s a national group, so you can interact with parents from California, Colorado — all over the country.

We hope you will also use our site https://sachartermoms.com and San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group for local information about at-home learning resources. We have some exciting plans for this summer.

Working together, we can support our children’s education at home, and tailor their work to their passions. We have the potential to come out of this stronger and more closely bonded, and better prepared for the future.

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