Back to School Parent Survey 1

This week, San Antonio Charter Moms is taking a survey of parents about their plans for back to school this fall. Please take the survey:

Inga Cotton shared why she is running the survey and what she has learned so far.

The first two questions ask about back to school plans. Do you know what type of school your kids will go to (district, charter, private; on campus or distance learning)? Will it be the same or different than last year? We are curious to see how this changes over time—we are planning to present the survey again in late June and late July.

The survey also asks if parents feel well informed about what school will be like in the fall. So far, half say “No.”

We encourage parents to be advocates for what they think school should be like in the fall. We ask if they have been able to share feedback with their school—for example, by taking a survey. We also ask respondents if they want to learn more about being a parent advocate.

Please take the survey this week (by May 31, 2020) and share with your friends: We will report back what we find and follow up with the parents who want to speak up.

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