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Students of Service (SOS) Helps Teens Engage Through Volunteering

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Students of Service SOS gardening
Students of Service (SOS) Helps Teens Engage Through Volunteering

We are proud to present this guest post by Amir Samandi, Executive Director of Students of Service (SOS), about how teens in San Antonio can learn through local community service and international travel.  We all know that the pandemic exacerbated… Continue Reading →

Life Skills Social-Emotional
family self care plan mindfulness social work erica martinez lighthouse public schools
Family Self-Care Plan

March is National Social Work Month, a time to reflect on the profession of social work and thank the estimated 700,000 professional social workers in the United States. The field of social work is amazing because we are taught how… Continue Reading →

spell your name at home fitness activity plank challenge Aicha Mosha
“Spell Your Name” At Home Fitness Activity—with a Plank Challenge!

The Spell Your Name (or any word) at home fitness activity is something you can do with your kids any time of the day.  It will help your kids practice their spelling skills, they will learn new exercises that will… Continue Reading →

Literacy Outdoors
Sample of Basquiat's style of art and portraiture
Basquiat Art Project: Make a Portrait in the Style of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a history-making artist—one who definitely deserves to be celebrated for more than his just incredible and unique style. Basquiat used his work and his platform to bring attention to issues that affected the Black community. When I… Continue Reading →

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Gratitude Completed Projects
Gratitude Banner and Crafts for Daily Gratitude Practice

What are you grateful for? How often do you ask yourself, your children, family members, or friends what they are grateful for? When a special holiday rolls around, like Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, or Valentine’s Day, we reflect and express our… Continue Reading →

Arts Social-Emotional
cutie charcuterie foodie classroom valentine's day chef dave terrazas
Ingredient List for Cutie Charcuterie with Dave Terrazas

Going shopping? Use this list to buy ingredients for Cutie Charcuterie, a family-friendly snack board developed by Dave Terrazas that you can make for Valentine’s Day—or any special occasion. Find more at-home learning activities activities, including Chef Dave’s Cookin’ Smart… Continue Reading →

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