Charter Schools and Education Nonprofits Participating in the Big Give San Antonio 2018

Big Give San Antonio 2018 | San Antonio Charter Moms

The Big Give San Antonio is an annual event to raise public awareness of the value of supporting local nonprofits. It also stimulates nonprofit organizations to hold events and find other creative ways to reach and mobilize their stakeholders. This year’s Big Give SA is happening on March 22, 2018 from midnight to midnight; more information in the FAQ. Many public charter schools and other education nonprofits are participating in this year. I hope you will give special attention to the organizations listed here.

What difference can the Big Give make for a nonprofit organization in San Antonio? I checked in with a few leaders to get their insights.

Students and their families experiencing STEM education at a Youth Code Jam event | San Antonio Charter Moms

Youth Code Jam invites students to experience STEM in a fun, challenging way. Founder Debi Pfitzenmaier described the Big Give as “an opportunity to give back to the organizations that make an impact in our community.” This earlier post tells about my kids’ experience at a Youth Code Jam event. (Photo credit: Kara Gomez, Open Book Studios)

Single Seed tutoring session | San Antonio Charter Moms

Chawanna Chambers, Ph.D., founder of Single Seed Enrichment School, Inc., a proposed public charter school, said that the “Big Give SA is important for Single Seed because we’re hoping to expand our free tutoring program so that more children who need assistance will have an opportunity to attend. Additionally, we’re looking to launch a series of free workshops for teens and preteens. These workshops would provide them with practical lessons on financial literacy, goal setting and other important life skills.” Read more in this earlier post about their proposed school model.

Teach For America—San Antonio has been bringing high performing leaders to work in San Antonio’s urban core classrooms since 2010. The TFA commitment last for two years, but according to Tiffany O’Neill, Managing Director, Strategy, Talent, and Operations for TFA-SA, 60 percent of San Antonio TFA teachers stay in their placement classrooms for a third year and 80 percent stay to work at other levels of the education ecosystem (principals, non profits, etc.). All in all, 85 percent of the leaders they bring to the Alamo City stay here and call it home. TFA-SA plans to use contributions from the Big Give to strengthen its alumni strategy, supporting the TFA alumni who are already doing great work in education in San Antonio, and attracting TFA alumni from other cities to come here. TFA-SA has challenge grant funds from Broadway Bank and Shiner Beer, and is planning a happy hour at Fresca from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. to thank donors and hand out Fiesta medals.

Charter Schools in the Big Give San Antonio

Education Nonprofits in the Big Give San Antonio

Private Schools in the Big Give San Antonio

Traditional Public Schools in the Big Give San Antonio

As you make your gifts during the Big Give San Antonio 2018, I hope that you include some of these education nonprofits, including public charter schools, private schools, and traditional public school districts.

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