Pre-K 4 SA (formerly Brainpower Initiative)

Mayor Julian Castro’s proposal of a 1/8 % sales tax to raise money for pre-K programs is now called “Pre-K 4 SA.” (Formerly, it was called the “Brainpower Initiative.”)

On August 1, the city council heard a presentation about Pre-K 4 SA and asked questions. Next week, the council is likely to vote to put the sales tax increase on the November ballot. Josh Baugh, “Vote looming, council vets pre-K proposal again”San Antonio Express-News, August 2, 2012. On August 3, Castro pitched the proposal to the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. Tracy Idell Hamilton, “Castro touts pre-K proposal”, San Antonio Express-News, August 4, 2012; Brian Chasnoff, “Mayor as conciliator could change futures”, San Antonio Express-News, August 4, 2012.

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