School Discovery Day at Universal City Park in March 2022

School Discovery Day at Universal City Park

At San Antonio Charter Moms, one of our goals is helping families to navigate the school search process. A great way for families to learn about schools is to visit a School Discovery Day event. Our series continues with a School Discovery Day at Universal City Park on March 5, 2022 at 10 AM–2 PM.

What to Expect at School Discovery Day

The Northeast Side of the San Antonio metropolitan area is growing fast. Families moving into the area have choices of award winning traditional public school districts and a growing set of choice schools. As new charter schools open on the Northeast Side, families need support to learn about their options and how to navigate the process. That’s why we are holding a School Discovery Day on the Northeast Side in March 2022, when San Antonio’s choice schools will be continuing to enroll students for the 2022–23 school year. School Discovery Days connect families with schools in an efficient, face-to-face format that enables them to interact directly with multiple school representatives in one convenient location.

This School Discovery Day will include 10 choice schools appealing to a wide range of learners. All of the schools coming to our Universal City Park event are accessible to families living on the Northeast Side of San Antonio, and some of these schools offer transportation to and from campus. Families will have the opportunity to meet school representatives, ask questions, get on interest lists and learn about application processes and deadlines. Additionally, families can receive hands-on guidance from San Antonio Charter Moms team members on navigating the nonprofit’s online tools and resources designed to simplify the search and application process.

“Whether families are interested in a magnet program, a public charter school, or even a dual language school, the most direct way to decide if a school is the right fit for your student is to talk one-on-one with school representatives. We are thrilled to bring back our popular School Discovery Days after taking a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” says San Antonio Charter Moms Founder and Executive Director Inga Cotton.

Universal City Park has a pavilion surrounded by a playground, mature trees, open spaces, and trails. We will make the most of this setting with activities to create a fun atmosphere. Additional events in our School Discovery Day series will follow a similar program with a focus on different sets of schools.

“Our goal is to reach all areas of the city with a fun day that educates families not only about their school options but also the importance of planning ahead so that those options remain viable choices,” Cotton says.

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Why You Should Visit School Discovery Day

San Antonio is home to no fewer than 150 choice schools offering a diverse landscape designed to accommodate a wide range of learners in every part of the city. Whether enrolling a child for the first time, making up for learning loss brought on by the pandemic, or seeking the best fit for unique learning styles, we are here to help parents make informed decisions.

“Zip codes no longer dictate the quality of education our children receive,” says Cotton. “Many parents are surprised and overwhelmed by so many options and with figuring out the best fit for their child. We simplify that process.”

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Who Will Be at School Discovery Day

Our goal at San Antonio Charter Moms is to serve as a trusted one-stop shop for parents and caregivers on the hunt for high-quality schools. We empower parents to advocate for their children’s education regardless of where they live. The San Antonio Charter Moms website offers a wealth of education-based information, including an in-depth School Choice Guide with maps—also accessible via a mobile app—for open enrollment and in-district charter schools in and around San Antonio, a diverse and active online, Facebook discussion group for exchanging school choice stories, advice, and more.

Here is a list of participating schools for the School Discovery Day at Universal City Park:

While you are visiting and learning about schools, have fun with these extra activities:

Visit all the tables and come back to the San Antonio Charter Moms table to spin the prize wheel and enter our raffle for fun prizes, including gift cards. Our team is eager to share about how you can find schools that are the right fit for your children, and how to be an advocate for high quality education in our community.

Universal City Park Pavilion 2021_11_20

When and Where to Visit School Discovery Day

San Antonio Charter Moms School Discovery Day at Universal City Park will be on Saturday, March 5 at 10 AM–2 PM.

Come find us under the pavilion at Universal City Park. The address is 305 North Blvd., Universal City, TX 78148 (map). There is free parking in surface lots at the park, including the lots by the baseball diamonds.

The pavilion is covered and has picnic tables and basketball hoops. There is a playground nearby and grassy areas where we’ll locate the bounce castle. Universal City Park has large green spaces and trails that connect with the Cibolo Creek greenway.

Get updates and reminders about School Discovery Day at Universal City Park by clicking “going” to our Facebook event and registering on Eventbrite. See you there!

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