Guide to School Boards for Independent School Districts in the San Antonio Area: May 2019 Edition


Families and community members can work to improve the quality of education by interacting with school boards, whether by participating in meetings or voting in elections. Here are some links to help you with your research into school boards for… Continue Reading

Texas Education Agency Accountability Reports for Bexar County Area ISDs, 2017 Edition

Accountability Reports for Bexar County Area ISDs, 2017 Edition | San Antonio Charter Moms

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) publishes annual accountability reports for public school districts and campuses. For easy reference, here are the 2017 Accountability Reports for Bexar County-area independent school districts (ISDs). These reports are based on standardized testing data from the 2016-17 school… Continue Reading

Mind and body: athletics at Great Hearts Monte Vista


When I was a student at a large, public high school in San Antonio, it seemed like there was an unbridgeable cultural divide between the jocks and the nerds. Then, when I went to college, at Trinity University, I sat… Continue Reading