[Hall Monitor] Governor Abbott’s School Finance Fix

[Hall Monitor] Governor Abbott's School Finance Fix | San Antonio Charter Moms

Note from SA Charter Moms: We are proud to share guest posts from hallmonitor covering San Antonio’s public schools. Now that the election is over, we return back to our reality. Things at the state house remain functionally the same—tax-averse Republicans everywhere.… Continue Reading

Northside ISD School Bond 2018: New Schools, New Upgrades

Northside ISD School Bond 2018: New Schools, New Upgrades | San Antonio Charter Moms

As part of School Bond 2018, the largest school bond package put to voters in recent years, Northside ISD—the city’s biggest school district—has proposed the construction of four new schools on the far West Side to accommodate a continued uptick… Continue Reading

Rethinking Cultural Competence at Great Hearts Monte Vista North


The Great Hearts Monte Vista North community is in the process of rethinking cultural competence and racial sensitivity. The triggering event was a homework assignment about slavery in an 8th grade United States history class. The student’s father, justifiably outraged,… Continue Reading