[Hall Monitor] Texas Commission on Public School Finance: The Road to Byzantium

[Hall Monitor] Texas School Finance Commission | San Antonio Charter Moms

Note from SA Charter Moms: We are proud to share guest posts from hallmonitor covering San Antonio’s public schools. On March 19, the Texas Commission on Public School Finance listened to ten hours of public testimony on . . . everything. The… Continue Reading

School finance litigation: district judge denies charter school claims

As mentioned earlier, last year the Texas Charter Schools Association joined the school finance litigation, challenging the lack of facilities funding for charter schools, and asking the court to lift the cap on the number of charter schools. The trial ended… Continue Reading

School finance and the Eagle Ford Shale

South of San Antonio, school districts on top of the Eagle Ford Shale play are raking in dramatically more property tax money. Dilley ISD will get to keep the extra money; further south, Cotulla ISD is on the verge of… Continue Reading