[Hall Monitor] Texas School Finance Commission: Rough Equity

[Hall Monitor] Texas School Finance Commission | San Antonio Charter Moms

Note from SA Charter Moms: We are proud to share guest posts from hallmonitor covering San Antonio’s public schools. Note from Hall Monitor: The Texas School Finance Commission meets for the third time on Thursday, February 22 to hear from more experts on how… Continue Reading

Closed door discussions on education reform bills SB2 (charter schools) and HB5 (standardized testing)

I mentioned earlier that the charter school bill—SB2—is in the hands of a conference committee. Reports from Austin say that both SB2 and HB5, a bill to modify standardized testing requirements, are both being negotiated among members of the House, Senate, and… Continue Reading

Charter school bill SB2 in the hands of the conference committee

As discussed in this earlier post, the charter school bill—SB2—passed the Texas House of Representatives last week. The House version is different from the Senate version, so now the bill will go to a conference committee to work out a compromise within a… Continue Reading

Achievement School District SB1718 fails on point of order

As explained in this earlier post, SB1718 would have established a statewide Achievement School District to oversee the most troubled schools in Texas. Unfortunately, the bill failed in the House on a point of order filed by Rep. Armando Walle (D-Houston). (Sen. Royce… Continue Reading

Achievement School District SB1718 scheduled for Tuesday vote; please call Reps. Villarreal and Rodriguez

What is the legislature doing this session to improve education? This blog has covered SB2, the charter school bill, which passed the House last week (earlier post), and HB2976, the parent trigger bill (earlier post). Another policy that would improve… Continue Reading