Dan Patrick visits IDEA Carver to discuss SB2, the charter school bill

As mentioned earlier, there’s a bill pending in the Texas senate—SB2—that would have a big impact on charter schools in Texas. Key changes: raising the cap on the number of charters in Texas and creating an independent charter authorizer to… Continue Reading

Dan Patrick’s SB2 is a big deal for future Charter Moms and Dads

Good news for future Charter Moms and Charter Dads: there’s a bill in the Texas Senate right now, SB2, that would lift the arbitrary cap on the number of charters in Texas, would provide some funding for charter school facilities,… Continue Reading

Texans Deserve Great Schools calls for giving parents more high performing school options

This morning, I went to Austin to learn more about Texans Deserve Great Schools, an initiative to bring together lots of great ideas about education reform and put it all to work to make Texas schools better. The part I… Continue Reading

Mom says “I love high stakes testing”

Washington Post columnist Esther J. Cepeda recently went to parent-teacher conferences  and brought home the standardized testing results. I laid the papers out on the kitchen table: Lengthy, detailed progress reports showing the grade and weight of each quiz and… Continue Reading