A Better Chance for Youth Futures, Inc. Raises Awareness About HBCU Opportunities

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A Better Chance for Youth Futures, Inc. is a nonprofit founded by Monique S. Robinson to help kids get into college. Four years ago, Monique moved from Detroit to San Antonio, where she found that many kids are not aware of HBCUs—Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Monique discovered that, after graduating high school with a low GPA, an HBCU played a critical role in giving her the chance to go to college in a nurturing environment and earn her college degree. “They don’t give up on kids,” she said.

Through ABC Youth Futures, Monique and her team of educators are working on many fronts, and with multiple local partners, to spread the word about college options for students of color. They are resourceful about creating events during the pandemic, and continue to provide services to scholars and families.

Events with A Better Chance for Youth Futures, Inc.

ABC Youth Futures plans events that are fun and celebrate what HBCU campuses have to offer. Here are some upcoming events:

A recent event was the South Texas HBCU Summer Send-Off on August 1, 2021.

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Services from A Better Chance for Youth Futures, Inc.

ABC Youth Futures provides services that offer educational support to scholars and families.

Motivational Mailings, for scholars attending college, provide them with support while attending school away from home.

Scholars on the Move, for current juniors and seniors, providing resources and classes to secure scholarships while learning the process of the transition to college.

Community Events to provide their scholars with opportunities to socialize and some volunteer events as well.

Speaking Life into Young Scholars

Monique said, “We love the work that we are doing by changing lives one scholar at a time.” She added, “We are successful when we see our scholars achieve in their various locations.” She shared a success story: all 12 of their seniors from last year are now attending college debt free. They were able to award a $500 scholarship to a scholar. In addition, ABC Youth Futures has created and developed partnerships with several minority businesses across the United States.

ABC Youth Futures is making a difference for black students who might otherwise get discouraged from going to college, or find themselves in an unexpectedly hostile environment. You can support their mission by staying connected on social media, including FacebookTwitter, and YouTube, and Eventbrite; watching and commenting during live videos; signing up for their newsletter; and making a donation.

Charter Moms Chats

Watch Monique S. Robinson, Founder/CEO of A Better Chance for Youth Futures Inc., speak with Inga Cotton on Charter Moms Chats at 4:00 PM Central live on Facebook and YouTube.

Monique S. Robinson, BA, M.Ed, Ed.S, is the Founder/CEO of A Better Chance for Youth Futures Inc. She is a proud alumna of Wilberforce University.

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