Kindergarten Is More Important Than You Think

charter school kindergarten student focused on her writing

Imagine building your house without a foundation. On the surface, it might initially seem fine. But as you add pictures to the walls, they begin to crack. As you move furniture into the rooms, the floor noticeably shifts and sinks.… Continue Reading

Apply to These San Antonio Charter Schools During the Week of January 25, 2021

Nelson Early Childhood Education Center at Experience SAISD | San Antonio Charter Moms

Are you looking for schools where your children can get a great education, make friends, and feel safe? Do you feel overwhelmed by the number and variety of school options out there? The San Antonio Charter Moms team is here… Continue Reading

What is an Upstander? Holocaust Education for Kids

group of diverse kids facing away and wrapping arms around each other

Many of us are familiar with the word “bystander,” but less are familiar with the term “upstander.” The mission of the Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio (HMMSA) is to change this unawareness in South Texas. We have Holocaust education… Continue Reading

Making A Difference at IDEA Monterrey Park College Prep

Making A Difference at IDEA Monterrey Park College Prep

When asked why they chose special education as a career, both Dora Rodriguez and Melissa Garcia, special education teachers at IDEA Monterrey Park College Prep, answered passionately about student success. Their stories give insight into IDEA Public Schools special education… Continue Reading

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