San Antonio School Calendars and COVID Resources, Updated for 2020–2021

boy at desk with pencil and schoolwork wearing headphones with ipad in front of him

What will the 2020–2021 school year be like? It’s hard to say. Because of COVID-19, many things that we used to take for granted have changed, and it’s hard to keep up with where things stand. Here, we have gathered… Continue Reading

Identifying Hearing Loss in Children, and Finding Help From Friends

little boy holding ear with surprised look on his face

“These headphones aren’t working,” nine-year-old Jeremiah Ryan said to his mom, Sheila. They fished around for another pair. Those were “broken” too, he said. And so were his brother’s ear buds and his sister’s headphones. After some back and forth,… Continue Reading

Vision Therapy Might Be the Solution for Your Child’s Learning Disorder

close up of child's eye and their hand holding purple glasses up to their face

Precilla Pena’s story started out like many stories in the special education world. Things seemed to go well for her daughter Ava throughout preschool and kindergarten. There were little things, here and there, she said, a turned letter, typical pre-literate… Continue Reading

One Mom’s Experience with a Dyslexia Simulator

dyslexia simulator woman with a book

It was a gorgeous, crisp, spring morning when I sat down on Jasmin Dean’s back porch to walk through the dyslexia simulator. I had my pen ready, my Experience Dyslexia packet printed and neatly stapled. Like Dean, I grew up… Continue Reading

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