Introducing Great Hearts Microschools

Great Hearts Microschools student online class

Over the past year or so, families have experienced—by necessity—new educational models, including distance learning and online school. What if we could take the best aspects of virtual school, such as flexibility and family togetherness, and provide additional support and… Continue Reading

How This MaidPro Owner Teaches Her Kids To Clean (And You Can Too!)

kids cleaning MaidPro San Antonio

We are proud to present this guest post about kids cleaning by Kim Folden, a MaidPro owner. When I opened my MaidPro franchise, some folks had the perception that my home must always be spotless. Ha! So not true. In… Continue Reading

The Anne Frank Inspire Academy Summer Experience

boy and girl outside looking at koi fish in water during anne frank inspire academy summer experience

We are proud to feature this guest post from our friends at Anne Frank Inspire Academy about AFIA Summer Experience. “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” —Albert Einstein. Learning occurs when we can connect information with an experience,… Continue Reading

Stephanie Adams Shares Her School Search Experience

Stephanie Adams and her family on the beach

More than a year ago, our family set out on a search to find a school that would educate our children—Madeline, age six, and Charlotte, age four—not only in the traditional context, but in a way that would cater to… Continue Reading

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