Cloud in a Jar Is the Fall Activity from “Kitchen Chemistry: Weather Science”

kitchen chemistry weather science fall cloud in a jar
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Make a cloud in a jar! This is the Fall-themed activity in Kitchen Chemistry: Weather Science, created by Audrey Hagopian for our Charter a Summer of Learning guide.

Materials for Cloud in a Jar

Clear glass jar or cup

Black paper

Scissors & tape

Warm water

Ice cubes

Metal bowl


Procedure for Cloud in a Jar

Cut the black paper to fit halfway around the jar, leaving about one inch of space at the bottom of the jar. Tape it in place on the outside of the jar.

Add about two inches of warm water to the glass jar.

Fill the metal bowl with ice cubes.

Light a match and hold it inside the jar for a few seconds and then drop it into the warm water.

Quickly cover the jar with the bowl of ice.

Look into your jar from the open side and observe what is happening. To see the cloud even better, turn off the lights and shine a flashlight into the jar towards the black paper.

After watching your cloud for a while, you can take the container of ice off of the jar and watch your cloud rise up and disappear!

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