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What Happened to Sleep Schedules?

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sleep schedules
What Happened to Sleep Schedules?

Let’s all take a moment to acknowledge that summer usually throws sleep schedules out the window. Some of us are not getting more or even enough sleep, and overall, our kids are having a harder time falling asleep and staying… Continue Reading →

Life Skills Social-Emotional
exploring magnetism activity for preschoolers developing questions about magnetism
Developing Questions About Magnetism: Activity for Preschoolers (4–5 Years Old)

This activity, an invitation for developing questions about magnetism, is designed for preschoolers, ages 4–5 years old, and is part of a set of six activities for children and teens about Exploring Magnetism. Developing Questions About Magnetism You will present… Continue Reading →

exploring magnetism activity for toddlers introduction to magnetism
Introduction to Magnetism: Activity for Toddlers (2–3 Years Old)

This activity, an introduction to magnetism, is designed for toddlers, ages 2–3 years old, and is part of a set of six activities for children and teens about Exploring Magnetism. Introduction to Magnetism For young children, introduce this activity by… Continue Reading →

materials for exploring magnetism activity learning at home with kids
Exploring Magnetism

As a mother and as a kindergarten teacher, I am here to tell you that summer can be CHALLENGING! But I am also here to help you entertain and educate your children with some experiments involving magnetism, because at-home science… Continue Reading →

father son fitness coin flip
Coin Flip Fitness for Staying Healthy at Home

Coin Flip Fitness is healthy activity that combines exercise and knowledge. I use it as a warm up/instant activity in our PE classes at KIPP Un Mundo Primary School, where I am a teacher and a coach. I will show… Continue Reading →

Outdoors STEM
kitchen chemistry weather science winter polymer snow
Polymer Snow Is the Winter Activity from “Kitchen Chemistry: Weather Science”

Make polymer snow! This is the Winter-themed activity in Kitchen Chemistry: Weather Science, created by Audrey Hagopian for our Charter a Summer of Learning guide. Materials for Polymer Snow Snow powder (find it at Amazon, Walmart, or Steve Spangler) Water… Continue Reading →