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Storytelling: A Special Gift

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storytelling father's day dad son
Storytelling: A Special Gift

For centuries, storytelling has been a great way for history, traditions, culture, and family values to be passed from one generation to the next. Across the globe, in dens with fireplaces, to the campfires of rural people in rustic settings,… Continue Reading →

Arts Literacy Social-Emotional
math games: see math in nature by counting segments in a pinapple
Discover Math All Around Us

Let me start by admitting and owning that I’m a bit of a math geek—sometimes I find myself up until three or four in the morning working on a brain teaser, and I absolutely love playing strategic board games that… Continue Reading →

Arts Outdoors STEM
imaginative play Magik Theatre Camp Showbiz
Using Your Imagination With The Magik Theatre

Help your kids escape the four walls of your house by encouraging them to engage in imaginative play. Camp Showbiz virtual camps from the Magik Theatre offers an escape for kids ages 3–17. My kids participated in camps this summer.… Continue Reading →

Arts Literacy
nature box walden pond summer learning
Nature Box From Walden Pond

Getting outside and getting creative: we all need to do it now more than ever. Walden Pond, an education center that draws inspiration from Henry David Thoreau, has built a creative connection to nature for generations of San Antonio children.… Continue Reading →

Arts Outdoors
Classical Music

A love for music is one of the best gifts any parent can share with their kids, and no matter what style of music you most enjoy listening to, dancing and singing along with your children can be great fun.… Continue Reading →

summer learning film studies classic movies with kids
Film Studies

Too often, I hear about adults that think a film classic means something that was released in 1990. (Don’t get me started on folks that refuse to watch something filmed in black and white!) Here are some age-appropriate suggestions for… Continue Reading →