Sun-Stained Art Is the Summer Activity from “Kitchen Chemistry: Weather Science”

kitchen chemistry weather science sun stained art
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Make sun-stained art! This is the Summer-themed activity in Kitchen Chemistry: Weather Science, created by Audrey Hagopian for our Charter a Summer of Learning guide.

Materials for Sun-Stained Art

Black or dark colored sheet of construction paper

Objects of various shapes (ex. leaves, small toys, utensils)

Repositionable glue, optional (find it here)

Procedure for Sun-Stained Art

Collect some objects around the house or pieces of nature from outside.

Place the sheet of dark colored construction paper in a very sunny location outside.

Position your objects on the paper. If you are using light objects, like flowers & leaves, use small rocks to hold them in place.

After 3–5 hours, remove the objects from the paper. You now have custom made art!

Alternative: Glue your objects to the paper with repositionable glue. Tape your paper up in a sunny window. After a few days, take your paper down and remove the glued objects.

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