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Learning That Matters: Using an Inquiry-Based Learning Approach at Home

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inquiry based learning Anne Frank Inspire Academy
Learning That Matters: Using an Inquiry-Based Learning Approach at Home

Mom, why is the sky blue? How do roller coasters work? Do skunks think other skunks stink? How does the weatherman know it’s going to rain tomorrow? Why do crickets chirp at night? These are the kinds of questions that… Continue Reading →

Literacy Social-Emotional
Mary Luehring and Aubrey: Teaching a Lesson School of Science and Technology
Kids Teaching a Lesson to Adults

Kids who grow up to be teachers usually have some home video, picture, or story in which they were teaching a lesson to their sibling, guardian, pet, or stuffed animal. This is often a moment that adult teachers look back… Continue Reading →

Literacy Social-Emotional
mother daughter device headphones audiobook joy reading books
Audiobooks Bring the Joy of Reading to Your Busy Life

I was getting my children ready for the pool yesterday when I got an email notification on my phone. It had been a stressful day with both kids home, including working on a project with a looming deadline, trying to… Continue Reading →

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"Camino de Galvez" at Briscoe Western Art Museum San Antonio River Walk
The West Starts Here with the Briscoe Western Art Museum

Although San Antonio’s claim to fame is the Battle of the Alamo, and the historic site that centers a community shaped by Spanish and Mexican cultures, let’s remember that San Antonio was also one of the cities most vital to… Continue Reading →

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summer learning new language international school san antonio foreign language
Learning a New Language

Why not help your child get excited about learning a new language this summer? Truly acquiring a second language takes thousands of hours. That is too much to ask of one short summer. But you can help your child get… Continue Reading →

Arts Literacy
storytelling father's day dad son
Storytelling: A Special Gift

For centuries, storytelling has been a great way for history, traditions, culture, and family values to be passed from one generation to the next. Across the globe, in dens with fireplaces, to the campfires of rural people in rustic settings,… Continue Reading →

Arts Literacy Social-Emotional