Advocacy: parents supporting charter schools

A recent blog post from the Texas Charter Schools Association notes that, besides being back-to-school time for our kids, it’s an important time for charter schools: a new legislative session will begin soon (in January 2013), and charter schools are involved in school finance lawsuits that could address the lack of funding for facilities for charter schools.

As we look ahead to this school year there will be many opportunities for Texas charter school advocates to lend their voices to our growing movement. TCSA will look to our parents, teachers, students and friends to be active supporters of the schools they love the most.

There are many ways to affect change. Every school, teacher and parent can lend a hand. Invite your school legislators to your campus, plan a trip to the Capitol with your parent group and simply stay informed on charter schools issues.

“Back to School”, Charting Success blog (Texas Charter Schools Association), September 13, 2012.

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