The Anne Frank Inspire Academy Summer Experience

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We are proud to feature this guest post from our friends at Anne Frank Inspire Academy about AFIA Summer Experience.

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” —Albert Einstein.

Learning occurs when we can connect information with an experience, and this summer, that is exactly what we are doing at Anne Frank Inspire Academy. We are excited to introduce our inaugural AFIA Summer Experience—an experience for students from around the city to get up out of their desks and become active. This fun-filled, engaging month-long experience will produce scholars that learn more about being a part of a community, who they are as a person, and how to apply that in their daily lives.

The summer will include on-campus and off-campus experiences, including a kick-off event at a local adventure course. Here, students will challenge themselves to conquer individual barriers and learn to work together as a group—essential skills for lifelong success. The remainder of the AFIA Summer Experience will draw on this unforgettable day as we strengthen our community. The following week we will take a trip to Sea World to relax and have FUN FUN FUN!!! Our summer experience will end with a community-wide picnic with families to celebrate our growth and enjoy life together.

As a singular K–12 campus, Anne Frank Inspire Academy is uniquely situated to build community. More experienced students can mentor younger students, and these older students have opportunities to lead and self-reflect about their impact on our campus and world. Our experience is designed as one K–12 experience while also allowing time and space for age-appropriate skill-building. Campus administrators and facilitators have been intentional in design to ensure we are meeting the needs of all participants.

Each morning will begin with a K–12 community-building activity that requires students to learn about each other and develop a true sense of belonging. Following these activities, students will participate in age-appropriate advisory groups to reflect on experiences and listen to their peers, gaining unique perspectives. Facilitators will then move students into spaces to explore our inquiry process, unpacking essential skills. For elementary students, this will mean focusing on skills that may be lagging due to the pandemic, analyzing and developing interests, art projects, and so much more. Middle and high school students will engage in STEM challenges, solve puzzles, and sharpen critical skills to help scholars be successful.

We believe that to engage a child’s mind, we must first reach their heart. The AFIA Summer Experience will challenge scholars to explore the self, deepen social awareness, sharpen relationship skills, and hone responsible decision-making. Welcome to the 2021 AFIA Summer Experience!

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Charter Moms Chats

Watch Justin Johnston, AFIA Head of School, and Jeffrey Moss, AFIA Counselor, discuss the Summer Experience program with Inga Cotton on Charter Moms Chats on May 6, 2021 at 4:00 PM Central live on Facebook and YouTube.

Justin Johnston is the Head of School at Anne Frank Inspire Academy, and a dedicated educator with more than 19 years of experience.

Jeffery Moss is the Counselor at Anne Frank Inspire Academy.

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