Join Us for SACM Moms’ Night Out on February 27

Moms Night Out San Antonio Charter Moms

Do you love your kids a whole lot and want them to get a great education? It’s important to make sure that our kids are happy, safe, and always learning, but it can be hard work. Sometimes we just need time to relax.

Let’s gather for SACM Moms’ Night Out, an evening of friendship and fellowship. We can talk about schools—of course!—but also get to know each other and celebrate the joys and challenges of raising our kids to be good people.

SACM Moms’ Night Out will be at the Impact Guild, 708 W. Summit Ave., San Antonio, TX 78212, on Thursday, February 27 from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

From the San Antonio Charter Moms team, you’ll get to meet Becca Murillo, San Antonio Charter Moms Discussion Group Moderator, and Inga Cotton, Founder and Executive Director. 

Beyond Education: Building confidence by empowering, inspiring, and instructing.

Beyond Education is our sponsor for SACM Moms’ Night Out on February 27. Their mission is building confidence in students by empowering, inspiring, and instructing.

There will be tasty bites for you to eat—some savory, some sweet—plus water and soft drinks. You are welcome to bring your favorite beer or wine for yourself or to share.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person and having fun conversations about education and motherhood.

Sales for this event have closed. Hope to meet you next time!

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