BASIS San Antonio campus opened on September 3, 2013 after one-week delay

The new BASIS San Antonio campus in the Medical Center area opened on September 3, 2013 after a one-week delay due to construction issues, as discussed in this earlier post. “BASIS charter school opens after delay”, Maria Luisa Cesar, San Antonio Express-News, September 3, 2013 (on

BASIS San Antonio posted some campus photos (see above) on Facebook and shared this message:

BASIS San Antonio, in its new facility at the corner of Floyd Curl Drive and Hamilton Wolfe Rd. will open to more than 500 enrolled students, Tuesday morning, September 3, as announced last week.

We are grateful to the forbearance and patience of students, parents and teachers through the last week of enhancement programs.

The only aspects of the school which will not be immediately useful by the students will be the gymnasium floor, as the finishing sets; and the theater stage, as the wood customizes itself to its new San Antonio home.

Building finish continues to prepare the opening for Tuesday morning; we ask that visitors forego the pleasure in the name of progress and join us on our BASIS San Antonio FaceBook page for most up-to-date pictures and comments by our wonderful parents and supporters.

The feedback I am hearing from BASIS San Antonio parents is that their kids are really enjoying school, but that the pick-up lane after school is painfully slow.

BASIS San Antonio parents, any comments about the new campus and the new school?

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