BASIS San Antonio North information session on February 20, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

Abby Hasberry, Head of School, BASIS San Antonio North | San Antonio Charter Moms

Have you heard that BASIS is opening a new campus in San Antonio in 2014? This is a great opportunity to join a community that embraces learning.

The next BASIS San Antonio North information session will be at 6:30 p.m. on February 20, 2014 at the BASIS San Antonio campus, 8519 Floyd Curl Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78229 (map), at the intersection of Floyd Curl Dr. and Hamilton Wolfe Rd., in the Medical Center area.

I attended last week’s BASIS San Antonio North information session (earlier post) and would like to share some of what I learned.

  • The BASIS San Antonio North campus will be located at 318 E. Ramsey Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78216 (map). Construction will begin soon.
  • The Head of School for BASIS San Antonio North will be Dr. Abby Hasberry; she is currently the School Director at BASIS San Antonio and the mother of a BASIS student.
  • The Head of Operations for BASIS San Antonio North will be Dr. Jeff Richards; he is currently the Head of Operations for BASIS San Antonio.
  • BASIS San Antonio North will open in August 2014 serving grades 5-8 in 2014-15. The campus will add a grade every year until it serves grades 5-12.
  • As a new campus, BASIS San Antonio North will offer a modified curriculum. For example, a BASIS 8th grader at an established campus will have already studied Biology, Chemistry, and Physics for several years; an 8th grader at a new BASIS campus may be seeing those subjects for the first time. Because of the differences in curriculum, families who have a student already enrolled at BASIS San Antonio are discouraged from switching to BASIS San Antonio North, even if it’s a shorter commute.
  • The projected enrollment for BASIS San Antonio North in 2014-15 is 150 students in 5th grade, 150 students in 6th grade, 120 students in 7th grade, and 90 students in 8th grade.
  • The best way to get information about BASIS San Antonio North is to join the interest listBASIS San Antonio North also has its own Facebook page, where you can find photos of the construction site on Ramsey Road.
  • The enrollment period for BASIS San Antonio North will be March 3-17, 2014.
  • Teacher demos will start March 1, 2014. Prospective teachers will present a sample class to a group of actual students, who will evaluate the teachers. The student evaluations are an important factor in hiring decisions. (Another factor: Teachers must be highly qualified; according to Dr. Richards, 11 out of 38 faculty and staff members at BASIS San Antonio have doctoral degrees.)
  • Dan Nienhauser, Superintendent of BTX, said: “I guarantee the building will be ready.” (The BASIS San Antonio campus opened one week late; see this earlier post.)

Those bullet points cover the nuts-and-bolts of getting enrolled at BASIS San Antonio North. But, why BASIS? My friends tell me stories about their kids who were not being challenged, but were feeling bored, anxious, rebellious, or disconnected. Now that they are at BASIS, they are having fun and are excited about learning.

Dr. Hasberry talked about her daughter’s adjustment to BASIS: for the first time, she had to learn good study habits and time management skills. Also, her daughter had to cut back on extracurricular activities (viz., competitive cheerleading). But, her daughter has taken advantage of BASIS’s student support program and has learned how to ask for the help she needs.

BASIS San Antonio North information session: Dr. Jeff Richards, Dan Nienhauser, Dr. Abby Hasberry | San Antonio Charter Moms

L-R: Dr. Jeff Richards (Head of Operations), Dan Nienhauser (Superintendent BASIS TX), Dr. Abby Hasberry (Head of School)

This earlier post about the BASIS San Antonio dedication ceremony in 2013 has links to articles that demonstrate that a BASIS education is a world-class education.

What else do you want to know about BASIS San Antonio?

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