Bexar County school district consolidation bill (HB2542) failed, but expect Rep. Roland Gutierrez to keep trying

UPDATE: SB2, the charter school bill, includes a provision for studying Bexar County school district consolidation. “Consolidation bill will force key debate”, San Antonio Express-News, June 15, 2013 (at

As mentioned earlier, state Rep. Roland Gutierrez (campaign site) filed a bill, HB 2542, that would have called for a study of the effects of school district consolidation in Bexar County. Unfortunately, the bill failed to make progress in the legislature, and the regular session has now ended. (Learn more about how this works at “Understanding and Getting Involved in the Legislative Session”Association of Texas Professional Educators.)

Rep. Gutierrez has mentioned seeking private donations to fund the study. “Consolidation foes lobbying against bill”, Gloria Padilla, San Antonio Express-News, May 4, 2013 (at I wish him well. For example, a larger, consolidated district could offer parents more options such as in-district charters and magnet schools, and might be better prepared to add programs such as blended learning and leadership training. 

Even before he was elected to the Texas House, Rep. Gutierrez has been talking about school district consolidation. (See, for example, “School district consolidation idea makes sense”, Gloria Padilla, San Antonio Express-News, September 18, 2010.) I don’t expect him to give up any time soon.

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