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My family is a big book family––in all forms. I was an avid reader as a kid, and my kids have grown up similarly making frequent visits to the library, as well as listening to audiobooks, and podcasts. Stories broaden our world and fuel our creativity. My kids fell asleep with piles of board books in their beds as toddlers, and today I can hear their favorite audiobooks murmuring in their rooms at bedtime.

With kids growing up in a digital world, and working as a digital media consultant myself, I see the importance––and value––of having incredible digital resources like BiblioTech, the very first all-digital public library in the United States. And how incredible is it that we get to enjoy it right here in Bexar County?

For those not already familiar with BiblioTech, their mission is to “Provide all Bexar County residents technology access to enhance education and literacy, promote reading as recreation, and equip all members of our community with necessary tools to thrive as citizens of the digital age.”

Membership to the library is free for all Bexar County residents, and there are 3 branch locations for residents to visit within San Antonio city limits. Each branch offers free Wi-Fi and free public computers.

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Want to learn more? Here’s the low-down on the benefits of BiblioTech that every family should now.

BiblioTech Membership Benefits

All digital checkouts (aka no overdue book fees)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pay overdue fees for physical library books. At BiblioTech, there are never any overdue fees for their digital resources.

All ebooks and audiobooks checked out through their cloudLibrary are automatically returned after 21 days. If no one else is waiting to check the item out, then you have the option to renew––and cloudLibrary will remember where you left off in your book regardless.

In addition to cloudLibrary, you also have free access to 7 other platforms including, RBdigital, Biblioboard, Hoopla, Mango Languages, PressReader, and Stingray Qello.

Find out more about their other digital checkout platforms here.  

Device Rentals

If you’re in need of a device to enjoy digital checkouts at home, BiblioTech has a number of devices available for checkout, including Nook Glowlights, Kindle Fires, iPads, and laptops. They even have wireless hotspots available for checkout, too. The minimum age for device checkouts is 16, and there are some additional requirements and device checkout limits. Find all of that information here.  

Branch events and programs

In addition to digital and device checkouts, BiblioTech branches also offer free events and programing for the community.  

How to Become a BiblioTech Member

In keeping with being a digital library, you can sign up for a BiblioTech membership and start checking out digital resources right now. If you’re a Bexar County resident and at least 16 years old, you can fill out their online registration form. You can also go to any branch for a physical card to use, as well.

We’re excited to integrate BiblioTech’s free digital resources into our household––I’m especially excited about checking out audiobooks for upcoming road trips. How about your family? Are you a digital book family? Will you be checking out BiblioTech’s resources soon?

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