Call and write your representatives to support SB2 charter school bill at Thursday vote

As I mentioned earlier, the Texas House of Representatives is expected to vote on SB2, the charter school bill, this week, but it’s been pushed back to Thursday. Although it’s gone through a lot changes since its introduction, the bill still includes several important reforms, including raising the charter cap.

Please call your representative and ask for their support on SB2. (Not sure who to call? Look it up at Who represents me?) Our top priority is to call Rep. Lyle Larson (Dist. 122) at his Austin office, (512) 463-0646. If you have time for more calls, please contact Rep. José Menéndez (Dist. 124) at (512) 463-0634 and Rep. Mike Villarreal (Dist. 123) at (512) 463-0532 to shore up their support.

Don’t feel shy about calling your representative—they work for you! Most of the time, you’ll talk to an assistant or an answering machine. Here is a sample script you can work from:

Hi, my name is ______, and I live in San Antonio. I’m calling to express support for Senate Bill 2, which would raise the cap on the number of charter schools in Texas. I have kids and I am looking for more high quality education options and different education models. Please vote in favor of SB2.

Also, the Texas Charter Schools Association has a handy online form for emailing your representative.

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