Carolina Barrios, Virtual Student at Incarnate Word High School

Carolina Barrios virtual student Incarnate Word High School

We are proud to share this guest post by Carolina Barrios, a senior at Incarnate Word High School, about her experience as a virtual student, as part of our Student Stories series.

Hi, my name is Carolina Barrios. I am a senior at Incarnate Word High School, and I have been a virtual student for two and a half years.

I am currently completing my education at Incarnate Word High School. Since my freshman year, IWHS has allowed me to balance being a full-time student with another full-time commitment. My freshman and sophomore year, I balanced two varsity sports; then, my junior and (current) senior year, I balanced a full-time job with all my advanced and AP courses.

Being a Virtual Student

When the Covid-19 pandemic took over and we went into lockdown, I was able to continue my education virtually. It has allowed me to work while still focusing on my studies and working towards my future education and hopes to get into a prestigious university. My current GPA is a 4.00 on a 4.00 scale.

My teachers and I have kept in contact and created close relationships, in the sense where I can email them with whatever questions I have and expect a prompt response. Whether it is through emails or Teams meetings, we are always communicating and they are allowing me not only academic freedom, but a helping hand if needed.

Sisterhood at Incarnate Word High School

Looking back to middle school, I remember my mother being so excited to send me to Incarnate Word. Not only was it because of convenience, but its prestigious reputation of being the best school in San Antonio really stood out to her. When I got the opportunity to shadow a senior at IWHS, it gave me a firsthand experience of not only a school day, but it allowed me to be part of the Shamrock environment. I got the opportunity to tour on the day that they were having a pep rally for volleyball making the qualifiers for state. As a young athlete myself, it excited me tremendously to see how the school was filled with so many student athletes and how they were celebrated.

Now being a senior, as I prepare to part ways with the classrooms I haven’t physically sat in for about two years, it is a bittersweet feeling. Remembering all the open mods I spent in the library, going to my teacher’s office hours to get ahead on work and better understand the material, and all around take advantage of all the resources Incarnate Word has to offer.

Advice for Future Shamrocks

My sophomore year as an ambassador, I was in charge of being a tour guide for multiple middle schools of potential incoming freshman. The advice I gave them was, if it felt like home, it was a perfect fit. Not only does IWHS go out of its way to make students and their families feel welcomed, but we do various community outreach projects that allow us to connect with people from all over San Antonio. The Shamrock community is very strong and spread out around the world. I not only look forward to being part of the alumni committee, but I am excited to see how the future generations will carry on our traditions.

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