Carpe Diem Schools national expansion: coming soon to San Antonio, Texas?

I am following several Generation 18 charter applications at the Texas Education Agency this year, including Rocketship (earlier post), Montessori For All (earlier post), and Carpe Diem Schools (earlier post).

Researching Carpe Diem, I came across an enthusiastic blog post from 2010, when education reformer Matthew Ladner visited a Carpe Diem campus in Yuma, Arizona. “The Way of the Future: Carpe Diem”, Matthew Ladner, Jay P. Greene’s Blog, May 27, 2010. Ladner was impressed, and speculated about what would happen if Carpe Diem could expand nationally. He was on to something.

Last fall, I wrote a blog post about Carpe Diem Meridian, the campus that opened in Fall 2012 in Indianapolis. For the 2012-13 school year, its first year of operation, the Carpe Diem Meridian Students in Action service program won a regional Gold Award from the Jefferson Awards. “Carpe Diem-Meridian Wins Regional ‘Students in Action’ Competition, Named A Jefferson Award Gold Medal School”,, March 16, 2013.

Carpe Diem Aiken is opening soon in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Now Carpe Diem is looking at Texas, specifically San Antonio, as part of the Choose to Succeed initiative. Here is Carpe Diem’s charter application. I expect there will be more opportunities soon for San Antonio families to learn about Carpe Diem’s individualized, blended learning model.

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