Celebrating YES Prep winning the Broad Prize

Houston’s YES Prep Public Schools won the first-ever Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools last week. According to an editorial in the Houston Chronicle,

The Broad (rhymes with “road”) judges cited YES’ stellar record. They noted that the chain’s 10 middle and high schools, which serve more than 5,400 low-income kids, are able to wipe out nearly every income and ethnic achievement gap, even though YES’ students often enter middle school significantly below grade level; that a high percentage of YES students pass difficult AP tests; and that every YES graduate is admitted to a four-year college.

Kudos to YES Prep on the Broad Prize, Houston Chronicle, June 26, 2012.

More details in the news release: YES Prep Named “Top Charter Management Organization” in the Country by Broad Foundation, Brittany Baize, The Answer blog, June 21, 2012.

The YES Prep charter management organization operates multiple campuses in Houston. Here’s hoping they expand to San Antonio someday.

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