COVID-19 Virtual Forum: Col. Dr. Heather Yun Answers Questions About Vaccines

Virtual Forum on COVID-19 Vaccines Col Dr Heather Yun Compass Rose Public Schools

As you plan for your children’s education, what do you need to know about COVID-19 vaccines? In partnership with Compass Rose Public Schools, we are proud to present a COVID-19 Virtual Forum with infectious disease expert Col. Dr. Heather Yun. Join us for this virtual discussion to hear answers to common questions about COVID-19 vaccines, and have the opportunity to ask your own questions by commenting on the live stream.

Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines

Here are the questions that Dr. Yun anwers at the virtual forum.

Can you still catch COVID once you’ve been vaccinated? Does it just lessen symptoms or truly make you immune?

If you’ve already had COVID, can you still be vaccinated? Should you?

What will happen with vaccines for children? Will there be any unique side effects?

Have children (under the age of 18) received the vaccine in any of the trials? Is there a different approval process for vaccines given to children?

Is the vaccine that’s currently provided going to be a one-time thing or will it be a yearly thing like the flu shot?

What makes MRNA vaccines different from traditional vaccines? Are there any known risks for MRNA vaccines that aren’t found in other types of vaccines?

COVID-19 Vaccine Virtual ForumCOVID-19 Vaccine foro virtual

Watch the COVID-19 Virtual Forum

Watch Col. Dr. Heather Yun, Brooke Army Medical Center Deputy Commander for Medical Services, answer questions about COVID-19 vaccines on February 3, 2020 at 6 PM Central live on Facebook and YouTube.

U.S. Air Force Col. (Dr.) Heather Yun, Brooke Army Medical Center Deputy Commander for Medical Services, is an infectious disease physician playing a critical role in BAMC’s COVID-19 response. Yun, a Colorado native, is a fourth-generation doctor who has tackled many roles over the course of her career—student, doctor, mentor, leader, wife, mother, singer, and endurance triathlete.

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